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In February 2018, an article appeared in The Times introducing the artists' collective, Artists for Brexit. The piece included interviews with Michael Lightfoot and Manick Govinda, who convened the group.

They and other artists who voted to leave the European Union felt that they were not represented in the media and wished to form a movement to support those who did. They have also always welcomed to the group those who voted to remain in the European Union, but who accept the majority decision and want to be part of making a great Brexit Britain.

Many artists have been unable to vocalise their support for Brexit and so this association of creatives was founded to give support, a platform and a voice to those who do.

Artists for Brexit is a non-partisan network of artists, art workers and art enthusiasts who support the process of securing independence for the UK.

"It is one thing to have different views and another to feel you can't express them."


"We wanted a counterpoint to that narrative." 


Michael Lightfoot, artist, Manick Govinda, writer, co-founders of Artist for Brexit.




Artists for Brexit

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