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As part of our plan to develop and broaden our network of artists, arts workers and arts lovers we have introduced a voluntary membership scheme for Artists for Brexit. Supporting and contributing to the Artists for Brexit community means that we can organise events, talks, performances and exhibitions that will bring our work to a wider audience and provide a real and virtual meeting space for those in the arts industry who support the referendum result. It is important that these voices are heard.


While a section of every demographic and profession in the United Kingdom voted for Brexit, those numbers are ostensibly much lower within the arts sector. Many of those who voted to leave the European Union feel unable to vocalise their support publicly and where they have done so have faced hostility from employers, work colleagues and peers.  It is important therefore that we establish a platform for progressive artists who are prepared to raise their heads above the parapet. We also welcome those who wish to lend their support but for personal reasons are unable to do so publicly.  We aim to create an environment of civil debate, ideas and discussion to try and heal a divide that has been driven solely by a difference in views as to where we see Britain in the future.

£15.00 membership will give you;

A copy of our full colour illustrated book, The Civil Times 

A quarterly newsletter

Involvement in organising events and exhibitions

An invitation to AFB events and meet ups

We'll also consider:

 - showing your artwork on our website if you are an artist

- publishing your submissions to our blog 

-promoting events that you are involved in or that you organise

-providing support if you wish to set up a regional branch of AFB or wish to organise an AFB exhibition or event




Your name and contact details will not be made public at any time without your express written permission.

We are committed to bringing together those artists, arts workers and arts enthusiasts who support Artists for Brexit and who do not wish to overturn the majority vote following the referendum.

Please note that we only promote or feature content that we consider to be civil in nature. We reserve the right not to feature work.


Anyone, regardless of how they voted in the referendum or whatever their views on Brexit now is welcome to join; the only proviso being that we will not accept applications for membership from those who are actively campaigning to stop Brexit. 

Additional or one off donations are welcome. Please go to our donations page. The more money we receive the more work we can do! We are currently being run entirely by volunteers. Your money will all go into our community bank account for AFB projects. With your support, there is so much more we can do! 

Artwork by Jan Bowman